SC-3 resonant scanner

Electro-Optical Products Corporation (EOPC) has introduced the SC-3, a miniature non-MEMS resonant scanner for use in small imaging systems. The company claims that the device is the smallest available non-MEMS resonant scanner currently on the market.

The scanner consists of a miniature electromagnetically-driven moving mirror which deflects a light beam with a continuous sinusoidal motion. EOPC’s offers the device with mirrors of 6mm, 7.7mm, and 12.7mm dimensions, with an optical scanning angle up to 50°, and a fixed-frequency scanning range from 100 to 1000Hz, fixed at any one value within the range.

The device's AGC type driver provides both sine wave and TTL level square wave reference signals, along with trim-pot control to adjust the phase of the reference signals with respect to the position of the mirror or vane. The adjustable range is 180 degrees. In addition, the amplitude can be adjusted in the range of 20-100 per cent of the full amplitude.

The low cost scanner is suitable for use in optical coherent tomography (OCT) imaging studies. Additionally, the company states that the scanner will be suitable for smaller, portable and hand-held systems, such as those under development for medical applications.