PM-PTS 3.0

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Radiant Imaging has released the third generation of its Production Test Sequencer (PM-PTS) for production line testing and calibration of all types of displays, including LCD, plasma, and front and rear projection systems. 

PM-PTS 3.0 is designed for use in production environments to allow automated, objective display performance measurements against user-defined quality objectives, increasing testing speed and reducing variation. PM-PTS 3.0 provides users with the ability to set up and automate test sequences from an extensive menu of available tests.

PM-PTS 3.0 enables completely automated testing of display brightness, brightness uniformity, contrast ratio (including sequential black and white and checkerboard patterns), colour, colour uniformity, gamma, distortion, pixel defects, mura, focus, and gray scale. PM-PTS can also perform automatic correction or compensation to improve performance for several of these parameters, all in a high throughput production environment.  PM-PTS 3.0 is a complete updating of the PM-PTS system that adds new control capabilities to increase measurement and analysis speed, accuracy and ease of use. New analysis capabilities include automated defect analysis tools to identify mura (blemishes), bright pixels, dark pixels, and line defects for a broad range of display technologies, as well as TrueMURA analysis for computing JND (Just Noticeable Differences) to assess mura based on models of human perceptions.

The complete PM-PTS 3.0 system consists of a Radiant Imaging PM-1400 Series Imaging Colorimeter for accurate data capture, ProMetric 9.1 software for measurement control and image analysis, and PM-PTS 3.0 software for automating test sequences. PM-PTS software consists of five modules that can be mixed and matched based on the user’s manufacturing requirements.

Radiant Imaging will also work with customers to create custom PM-PTS modules to address specific manufacturing testing requirements.