The SEEPOS is a new innovation designed for laboratory and industrial laser spot position detection. The plug-and-play design allows you to connect your Position Sensing Detector (PSD) to the SEEPOS amplifier box and monitor your readings through an IBM compatible PC via a high speed USB port!

The simple PC interface monitors the laser spot position in real time XY, Xt, and Yt graphs and includes features such as data analysis, time scaling, and background calibration to ensure you measure what you want when you want.

All parameters of the PSD can be controlled through the SEEPOS interface such as pulsing the light source and detector to reduce noise, increasing the bias voltage for faster readings, and average sampling over adjustable time periods.  You can even take advantage of the external trigger connector to modulate your light source through the SEEPOS software!

Some applications of the SEEPOS include beam alignment, optical system quality control, monitoring of vibration deflection and motion, target rotation and displacement, and fast steering mirror measurements.