SemiNex Corporation laser diodes

Laser Components is distributing laser diodes in the 1,300nm to 1,700nm wavelength range from SemiNex Corporation. The chips can be packaged in bare bars, chip-on-submount, single-emitter and multi-chip fibre-coupled modules and hermetically sealed TO-can.

A material structure is used with a non-conventional doping profile, precise growth of indium phosphide and a unique application of quantum physics to result in superior thermal efficiency, electrical efficiency and very short coherence length light. The combination of superior electrical and thermal efficiency allows the lasers to achieve a high power performance without compromising on lifetime.

Standard wavelengths include 1,470nm, 1,532nm and 1,550nm with CW output optical power from 3W to 20W. The multimode diodes have small typical apertures of 95µm with the fibre-coupled products typically having a 105µm core fibre with 0.22NA.

The long wavelength of 1,470nm close to the absorption peak of water and high power make them well suited for most medical applications including wrinkle removal, acne reduction, and soft tissue ablation. The 1,532nm and 1,550nm laser applications are laser designators, range finders and lidar.