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Sensor Finder

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced an offline version of Sensor Finder, a software application that helps users find the best power/energy sensor for their laser. The company also added Chinese and Russian languages to its web site, bringing the total number of languages supported to five.

Designed for users that don't have regular access to the Internet, such as military personnel, the offline version of Sensor Finder provides the same capabilities as the online version. Users input laser characteristics and the type of measurement required (power only or energy and power); the software then provides a list of Ophir-Spiricon power/energy sensors that are guaranteed to work with their laser under the stated conditions.

Sensor Finder calculates and displays the power and energy density of the laser, the damage limit of the sensors under these conditions, and determines which sensors are guaranteed to perform with the laser specs. The program also shows how close one is to the damage threshold so the user can choose a sensor that is well below the damage threshold. Recommended sensors can be saved in report format.


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