SH85-4U001 VCSEL chips

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The Optoelectronics Company, a distributor of innovative optoelectronic components, has released 850nm high power VCSEL chips from Korean manufacturer Optowell.

The SH85-4U001 provides a maximum output power of 20mW at an operating current of 50mA and operating voltage of 2.1V maximum. The chip has a spectral bandwidth (RMS) of 0.85nm maximum and threshold current of 15mA.

These devices are suitable for use in applications such as position sensors, encoders, high-speed data communications and medical/bio-medical instrumentation. The circular low divergence output beam from the SH85-4U001 chip provides a high coupling efficiency when used in optical fibre applications while low operating current and low operating voltage make these devices particularly suitable for use in battery powered products.

VCSEL chips are the perfect solution for OEMs wishing to integrate light sources directly onto the electronic circuit boards within their products. These infrared 850nm VCSEL chips are also available in a TO packages with either flat window, ball lens or dome lens options.