Shaper NA 0.1_12 / NA 0.2_12

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New collimating beam shapers, piShaper NA 0.1_12 / NA 0.2_12, from AdlOptica are intended to operate with high power TEM00 and multimode fibre lasers as well as fibre-coupled DPSS and diode lasers, combining functions of beam shaping and collimation.

A divergent beam with Gaussian or similar profile from a TEM00 and multimode fibre is converted, with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, to collimated (low divergent) beam with flat top (uniform) intensity distribution. Thus, incredible efficiency of laser energy utilisation is achieved, a heat affected zone is eliminated, as a whole, laser technologies becomes more reliable and results of material processing are more stable and predictable.

piShaper versions are available for popular wavelengths of modern high power, more than 1kW, laser sources. Further manipulation of beam shape and profile using ordinary optical components like beam expanders or cylinder lenses can make round and linear spots of various size. All these features make the piShaper NA 0.1_12 / NA 0.2_12 tools ideal for various industrial laser technologies: welding, cladding, hardening, cleaning, annealing, and many others.