piShaper NA0.2 and Focal-piShaper NA0.1_50_80_1064

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The high power piShaper NA0.2 and Focal-piShaper NA0.1_50_80_1064 from AdlOptica are intended to be used with multi-kW fibre coupled or fibre lasers in systems for welding, hardening, cleaning, 3D material processing like cladding or selective laser melting.

The piShaper systems combine functions of beam shaping and collimation, the piShaper NA0.2 is optimised for diode lasers and provides also focusing of a beam. Radiation of divergent beam with Gaussian or similar profile from a fibre is converted, with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, to a round, elliptic or linear laser spot of several millimetres or tens of micrometers size with Donut, inverse-Gauss or flat-top intensity distribution. The piShaper systems are optimised for popular wavelengths, more than 1 kW lasers.