Mid-IR PiShaper systems

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AdlOptica has extended its PiShaper family of beam shaping optics, with devices for the mid-IR spectrum 2-8µm. These include PiShaper 6_6_2.05, PiShaper 6_6_1.9-2.8, PiShaper 6_7_4.4-4.8, and versions for other wavelengths that are available on request.

The mid-IR PiShaper systems are made from optical YAG and ZnSe and convert, with nearly 100 per cent  efficiency, a Gaussian laser beam into a flat-top beam of low divergence keeping a uniform intensity profile over large working distance. The systems provide the same conditions of beam shaping at any wavelength of the working spectral band.

Other features include: flat output phase front, no internal focusing, similar input and output beam sizes, compactness, low sensitivity to misalignment and easy adjustment procedure. The PiShaper is suitable for scientific and industrial applications such as plastics welding, spectroscopy, various ablation techniques, and building of high peak power lasers.