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The new Silhouette from Coherent is a standalone pulse controller that can optimise results from a wide variety of ultrafast laser applications, including molecular dynamics research involving coherent reaction control, and optimisation of non-linear processes such as multiphoton excitation. Based on a spatial light modulator, the Silhouette uses a novel, patent-pending optical platform to provide closed-loop measurement and optimisation of both the spectral phase and amplitude of ultrafast pulses. Pulse characteristics can be monitored and controlled at any location within an ultrafast set-up – at the output of an oscillator or amplifier or even positioned after beam delivery optics. A user-friendly software interface allows even a novice ultrafast laser user to correct phase distortions and achieve short, transform-limited pulses. Sophisticated users can create novel phase and amplitude profiles. This unique product is intended for use with either commercial or home-built ultrafast laser systems.