Single-mode fiber couplers

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A new opto-mechanical tool for coupling light into single-mode fibre optics from Siskiyou Corporation offers a unique combination of high precision adjustment in a very compact package. 

Specifically, Siskiyou single-mode fibre couplers incorporate optics for focusing laser light into a FC connectorised single-mode fibre optic, together with tip/tilt mechanical adjustment to permit accurate positioning of the focused beam with respect to the fiber end. The use of ultra-high resolution, differential adjusters (2.75 arc-second movement per 5° adjuster rotation), together with a mechanical design that decouples tip/tilt adjustment from focus, delivers the precision necessary to achieve optimum coupling efficiency into single-mode fibres in a very small volume.  Alternately, the system can be used in reverse for high precision collimation of single-mode fibre output. 

Siskiyou single-mode fibre optic couplers will be useful for researchers and instrument builders who wish to couple laser output into single-mode fibers, or to produce small focused spots and collimated beams in a minimum of space. The fibre optic coupler can also be easily integrated with Siskiyou beamsplitter modules, enabling entire multi-beam optical assemblies to be built in completely sealed configurations.