Siskiyou expands production facility

Siskiyou Corporation has expanded their Class 1000 cleanroom manufacturing space to encompass approximately 20% of their Grants Pass, OR, production facility, enabling the company to better meet the needs of OEMs incorporating Siskiyou’s products into high value optical assemblies.  Specifically, the new cleanroom facilities, which also include laminar flow hoods for achieving Class 100 particulate levels, enhance Siskiyou’s ability to produce contaminant free opto-mechanical assemblies, such as are used in vacuum compatible applications, or with high power or ultraviolet lasers.

“The new assembly clean room complements other low contamination production processes that Siskiyou already has in place,” notes Siskiyou President Robert Hodge.  “This includes our own, in-house anodizing facility, where we do a final, thorough pre-cleaning of machined or anodized parts, including acid baths and deionized water rinsing, before they head into the assembly clean room.  These protocols are particularly important to OEMs working with high value optics, such as in blood analysis equipment, eye surgery instrumentation, and high energy physics research.  It’s imperative to them to protect their investment in optics by preventing contamination from other system components, and our protocols save them the time and expense of having to perform extensive cleaning of our product when they first receive them.”