SiTek Electro Optics ABs Position Sensing Detectors

Laser Components has released SiTek Electro Optics AB’s Position Sensing Detectors (PSDs). As PSDs function according to the Lateral Effect Photodiode principle they display excellent resolution and speed in position detections applications as sensitive as vibration and high accuracy measurements.

PSDs stand out from the competition when large area measurements with precise readings are required.  Where quadrant photodiodes require the laser beam to be in all segments of the detector and a high quality beam shape to produce accurate results, a PSD is a single piece of silicon which produces accurate results independent of beam shape and location, with standard PSDs featuring active areas of 45x45mm2.

PSDs have been used in common high demand machine vision and inspection systems (automotive, aerospace) and large civil engineering projects (bridge construction, tower construction), as well as specialist projects such as remotely piloted vehicles, robotic guidance, and simulation projects.