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M Squared Lasers has launched its new External Mixing Module (SolsTiS-EMM), designed to complement the award-winning ‘SolsTiS’, CW narrow linewidth Ti:Sapphire laser.

SolsTiS-EMM enables access to previously hard to reach wavelengths in the UV, visible and IR regions, whilst also featuring the narrow linewidth, ease of use and ultra stable output for which SolsTiS is well-known.

This new addition now gives M Squared’s SolsTiS platform unrivalled wavelength coverage from 210nm to 3.2um, achieved through a variety of extensions which feature doubling, sum frequency and difference frequency mixing schemes.

In particular, this all-solid state, hands free solution for wavelength coverage now supersedes dye lasers, removing the hazards and instabilities associated with this toxic gain material.

SolsTiS represents a step-change in continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire laser technology. It’s a super-compact system with a completely sealed, alignment-free cavity unique to M Squared. It offers hands-free operation with an unprecedented tuning range, unrivalled power, and the ultimate narrow linewidth, low noise output. Leading researchers around the world are pushing the frontiers of science with SolsTiS in their labs.


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