SP1500 C interferometers

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Designed for high-precision length, angle and straightness measurements of linear axes, new SP1500 C interferometers with a measuring range of >15m are now available in the UK through Armstrong Optical.

The horizontal and vertical components of axis straightness are measured by a rotatable measuring reflector consisting of a combination of hollow retro reflectors and a rotatable Wollaston prism. The reflector can be combined with a mirror to provide a 90° beam deflection enabling coverage of demanding applications.

The intuitive calibration software applies protocols in accordance with current international standards and synchronises the calibration processes with the machine tool position controller. Different triggering possibilities for acquisition of measured values are available and data transfer is accomplished with standard USB interface.

The new SP1500 C interferometers have applications in the calibration of high-precision axes in measuring and machine tools, as well as coordinate measuring instruments CMMs. They have been released by SIOS Messtechnik.