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Spectral test stations

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For rare earth and nano phosphors, luminescent materials for white LEDs, displays, general lighting and scintillator applications, McPherson is now offering spectral test stations for deep ultraviolet (UV) excited, real-time measurements.

Users can characterise emissions and the excitation spectrum, as well as phosphor emission lifetime from the (vacuum) ultraviolet to the visible spectral regime. A high resolution spectrometer configured for the 200 to 800nm wavelength region is at the heart of this open architecture system. Cooled, sensitive and efficient 2D CCD detection collects spectral information. Persistence data is collected via a fast multichannel scaler.

The vacuum sample chamber is equipped with either a monochromatic tunable light source (120 to 200nm) or selectable 146/147nm and 172nm sources. The system accepts up to 20 individual samples in a horizontal sample tray, which is safer for powder or liquid paste samples. Computer optimised first surface optics ensure the best focus and signal collection and guarantee spectral agility. The complete system, provided ready to run, is ideal for industrial quality control applications as well as rigorous research and development. Complete systems and component level parts are available.