CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder

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Avantes has introduced its redesigned cuvette holder with attenuator for Avantes xenon and LED light sources. The CUV-DHC-XE-LED-DA cuvette holder can be directly attached to the light source, removing the need for an extra fibre with its subsequent surface transfers and attenuation in the optical path. Compared to a normal cuvette holder, Avantes claims that the new design increases light throughput by 200x in the UV range, and by 60x in the visible/NIR range.

The new cuvette holder is designed for 10 x 10mm cuvettes and is directly attachable to all Avantes xenon and LED light sources. The new attenuator, incorporated in the design of the cuvette holder, provides the ability to control the intensity of the light beam with an incorporated iris. The cuvette holder is equipped with a 5mm slot for filters.