SpectralLED RS-7-2

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Gamma Scientific’s new SpectralLED RS-7-2 combines up to four LED light source engines together with a 1m sphere that includes a 300mm output port. The result is a calibration light source that delivers <0.1 per cent radiometric stability and 0.25nm wavelength accuracy for very large area detectors and large field of view cameras.

The SpectralLED RS-7-2 uses a light engine consisting of 35 discrete LEDs, each having a different centre wavelength, which can be programed on-demand to reproduce the output of illuminant sources such as blackbody, daylight, fluorescent, LED and CIE illuminants, or the spectrum of any illuminant reflected by a target such as a Macbeth or X RITE target. The system can even be swept through wavelengths to simulate a scanning monochromator.

The SpectralLED RS-7-2’s functionality is accessed through a simple firmware interface, which also contains a detailed calibration matrix for every LED channel. A combination of DC constant current drivers, optical feedback, and thermoelectric cooling maintains high luminance accuracy in real time without any effort on the part of the user.