Spectroscopy 101 curriculum

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Ocean Optics has launched a new version of its Spectroscopy 101 software curriculum for high school and college teaching laboratories. Written for use with the company’s Red Tide and ChemUSB spectrophotometers, Spectroscopy 101 has been updated for its new OceanView software. Contents include an introduction to spectroscopy, key spectroscopy concepts and detailed instructions for conducting a range of experiments with students.

The updated experiments include a comprehensive introduction, detailed procedures and questions to measure understanding and retention. Each experiment is designed to teach students that atoms and molecules interact with light to provide detailed information on their structure and composition.

The OceanView software is a complement to the Red Tide and ChemUSB spectrophotometers, with persistence of user settings, the ability to save and reload experiments and customisability for teachers to adapt the curriculum to their classrooms.