Spectrum 365 LED UVA

Lesco (a division of American Ultraviolet) has introduced its Spectrum 365 LED UVA, a high-intensity spot curing UV source for spot curing applications. The high intensity LED system offers several advantages over similar products, including no requirement to change bulbs, cool cures, no warm-up, low power consumption and constant intensity for tens of thousands of hours. The system emits maximum light intensity output through industry standard fibre optic light guides, and allows users to adjust intensity output from 10-100 per cent. This system is the first direct replacement in the industry for existing spot cure systems using old arc lamp technology.

The system is especially well suited to spot curing of existing chemistries due to its 365nm peak output, whereas many other products emit a less-effective 390nm peak wavelength. The company guarantees that the Spectrum 365 LED can be substituted into existing processes in replacement of old arc lamp technology, where it delivers up to 10W/cm2 of intensity through a standard light guide.