Spectrum-stabilised, fibre-coupled laser systems

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Edmund Optics has introduced three new spectrum-stabilised fibre-coupled laser systems, all designed as rugged sources for Raman spectroscopy. The lasers offer high powers of 450mW at three wavelengths of 785nm, 808nm and 976nm.
The lasers are also ready for industrial applications, with both the laser and driver enclosed in a rugged, self contained package. The 100mm multimode fibre is attached to the laser with a high brightness coupling, and offers a beam divergence of 0.22NA and maximum bandwidth as low as 0.3nm (full-width half-maximum). The system also incorporates a thermoelectric cooler, TEC controller, and digital on/off modulation.
In addition to being rugged, the system is small and long-lived: the laser system measures 265 x 155 x 100mm, and the systems expected lifetime is longer than 10,000 hours.