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Optis has announced that the functionality of its Speos optical simulation package has been integrated into PTC's Pro/Engineer software product.

Pro/Engineer is a family of 3D product design solutions based on a parametric, feature-based solid modeller that enables changes made during the design process to be associatively updated throughout the design. The integration of Optis's Speos package can improve speed of design and rendering of optical and optoelectronic devices such as vehicle lights, displays and cameras.

Speos has long been available as a stand-alone Optis software product, but its redevelopment as a module compatible with Pro/Engineer means that engineering designers can now model complex integrated mechanical and optical engineering tasks seamlessly with Pro/Engineer.

With the introduction of Speos for Pro/Engineer, designers will discover improved design functionality and save valuable time in challenging applications such as the modeling of backlit displays and the latest designs of automotive lights.