Speos software

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Optis, a provider of physics-based light simulation software, has revised its Speos software to comply with ICC (International Colour Consortium) colour profiles ensuring that users of its light and optical simulation solutions view colours correctly and identically – regardless of the type of screen being used.

The latest enhancements to the Speos software means users can be sure that the colour they see on their screen is the same one their collaborators are seeing on their screens. Moreover, they can be certain that everyone is seeing the colour that will appear on the final product.

Speos ensures accurate and identical colour visualisation across different display devices. Differences in colour can depend on whether an LCD, CRT or PDA screen is used; even two screens of the same type could display colours differently if luminosities varied. The Speos software compensates and corrects such problems by taking into account the luminosity and adjusting the colours accordingly.