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Spectra-Physics has introduced Spirit-NOPA-IR, a high peak power, tunable long infrared wavelength ultrafast source for 3-photon imaging.  Pumped with the Spirit industrial femtosecond laser, the new source generates >10 MW peak power and ultrashort <80fs pulses with tunable wavelengths from 1200 to 1600nm.  Imaging with this new source results in exceptional clarity in live tissue at depths of up to >1mm, ideal for neuroscience, embryology, and other bio-imaging research.

Long infrared wavelengths and utilisation of the 3-photon excitation effect significantly reduce optical scattering in tissue, thereby allowing deeper imaging. Spirit-NOPA-IR pumped with the Spirit laser delivers the high peak powers necessary for 3-photon generation at long infrared wavelengths of 1200-1600nm, while operating at moderate average powers to avoid damage to the live tissue.  Spirit-NOPA-IR and Spirit are fully automated and computer controlled for flexible, easy-to-use operation.  An optional SHG (second harmonic generation) output is available for 600 to 800nm wavelengths.