Spitfire Ace regenerative ultrafast amplifier

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Newport's Spectra-Physics division has introduced the Spitfire Ace, a regenerative ultrafast amplifier that provides long-term performance. The Spitfire Ace delivers average power of more than 5W at 1, 5, and 10kHz repetition rates with excellent beam quality (M2 <1.3). The new highly stable ultrafast amplifier is suitable for pumping multiple optical parametric amplifier systems (OPAs) and in a wide range of ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy applications.

Building upon the highly successful Spitfire platform, the Spitfire Ace system is equipped with the company's innovative XPert technology, ensuring maximum stability with reliable performance over hundreds of hours. The Spitfire Ace is designed for use with the company's field-proven Mai Tai seed laser and Empower pump laser platforms. The new Empower 45 pump laser delivers over 45W of average power at a 5kHz repetition rate and is equipped with the company’s proprietary noise reduction technology making it the quietest amplifier pump laser on the market. The Spitfire Ace performs optimally when seeded with the field-proven Mai Tai SP oscillator. The hands-free Mai Tai SP laser does not require alignment, cleaning, or adjustments and its specifications are guaranteed over an extended 20° C temperature range.