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The SPMScint from SensL is a solid-state detector that is sensitive to single photons. It is a low-cost device that consists of an array of geiger mode avalanche photodiodes (APDs).

The silicon photomultiplier combines the high gain and quantum efficiency characteristics normally associated with photomultiplier tube detectors with the additional benefits of silicon technology such as compact size, magnetic field insensitivity, low operating voltage, robustness, and tolerance to overexposure. The detector surface can be placed in close proximity (less than 1mm) to the emitting surface of a scintillator crystal. Tests have demonstrated an energy resolution of 12.5 per cent at 511KeV with a 3 x 3 x 15mm LSO scintillation crystal.

The SPMScint is available as a T05 package solution or integrated on a PCB with a transimpedance or pulse amplifier. With an active area of 1mm2 or 9mm2, the SPMScint is suitable for applications in homeland security, nuclear medicine, environmental sensing, and high-energy physics.