SR-6500 spectroradiometer

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Spectral Evolution (SE) presents a new ultra-high resolution portable spectroradiometer, the SR-6500.

Supplied by Sphere Optics, the device is most useful when the ability to see and save additional information about fine absorbance and reflectance features is critical. Inside a small rugged chassis with less than 5 kg of total weight, the unit consists of three thermoelectrically cooled photodiode arrays for the ultimate in stable performance. Using a 1024 pixel silicon, combined with a 512 pixel InGaAs and a 512 pixel extended InGaAs detector array, it is ideal for capturing high resolution scans of minerals e.g. of samples from geological exploration.

The spectroradiometer SR-6500 covers the full VNIR-SWIR spectral range from 350–2500 nm. Using cooled diode arrays allows an outstanding stability in combination with ultra-high resolution. The VNIR is covered by a full width half maximum (FWHM) of 1.5 nm at 700 nm, followed by the SWIR with a FWHM of 3.0 nm at 1,500 nm and FWHM of 3.8 nm at 2100 nm. The spectroradiometer SR-6500 will be delivered with a NIST traceable radiometric calibration. 

For the usage in laboratory and field, there is a variety of accessories, which allows the user to easily adapt the unit for applications going from agriculture and soil, to mineral identification, into even industrial material analysis.