StarCut Tube

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Rofin has added an automatic tube loader, suitable for dry and wet cutting, to its StarCut Tube laser cutting system. The four-axis CNC laser processing system StarCut Tube has a CNC-driven rotary-, x-, y- and z-axes and a solid granite machine set-up.

The new tube loading module has a side-loading magazine for tubes of 3mm to 30mm diameter and up to 3m length. A pilgrim step separation that can pivot ensures precise and gentle handling of tubes with small diameters. Sophisticated grippers provide accurate and reliable tube feeding and automatically remove residual material.

The automated tube loading module is available for wet cutting as well. Wet laser cutting with burr-free and oxide-free cutting edges dramatically reduces post-processing.

The StarCut Tube can be powered with Rofin's StarFemto FX, StarPico or StarFiber FC laser sources and achieves contour accuracies better than ±5μm.