StarFemto FX

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Cold laser material processing using ultra-short pulse lasers (USP lasers), has become one of the most promising new technologies for high-precision cutting, structuring and drilling of almost all types of material, without causing thermal damage on the part.

These characteristics have opened up new application areas for laser processing, and allowed previously impossible features to be created with the added benefit of reducing the amount of post processing required to an absolute minimum. In addition, new materials can now be processed without damage due to the heat input from the laser.

The StarFemto FX, just one of a comprehensive range of ultra-short pulse lasers offered by Rofin, is matched to industrial material processing applications within electronics, semiconductor, micro technology and medical device manufacturing as well as other industries.

The StarFemto FX offers wavelengths of 1030nm, 515nm (green) and 343nm (UV) and the pulse duration can be varied between 300 femtoseconds and 10 picoseconds. The system provides up to 200μJ of stabilised pulse energy in a closed loop, with repetition rates ranging from a single pulse (pulse on demand) to 1MHz.