StarWeld Integral system

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Rofin has released the StarWeld Integral system, which can be used in three distinct operational modes: as a manual welding laser having excellent ergonomic design; as a joystick-controlled deposit welding laser; and as a high-precision CNC laser welding system.

Incorporating four high-precision positioning axes, and with short set-up times and easy CNC programming, users can select as much automation as they desire, and perform the minimum of programming necessary. The large working chamber provides space for objects with an edge length of up to 500mm. Motorised X,Y and Z axes are designed to move work pieces with a maximum weight of up to 500kg quickly and precisely in all three planes, allowing rapid and accurate positioning of parts, from the most delicate to a heavy load

In addition the optical system within StarWeld Integral can be swivelled around two axes enabling processing of perpendicular surfaces, undercuts or deep grooves without the need to turn or tilt the work piece. The multi-function joystick and a large colour touch screen are designed for simple and intuitive set up and using the joystick mode provides many of the benefits of motorised control of the axes, without the need for CNC programming.

As an option, StarWeld Integral can be configured as an open system - laser class IV workstation – which can accommodate extremely large work pieces. With 200W of laser power available, these features combined mean that the StarWeld Integral is suited for almost all laser welding applications in precision engineering, electronics, thin sheet metal or the tool and mould industry.

The StarWeld Integral is mainly used in the tool and mould industry to repair mould tools by adding welding wire onto damaged edges or surfaces. Material with hardness up to 60HRc can be deposited onto all the most commonly used tool steels including 420 stainless steel (1,2083), H13 tool steel (1,2344) and many others. Rofin offers a complete training on the system and can provide welding rods in the range of diameters and materials to suit the injection mould tool industry.