StarFibre, PowerLine and X-Lase

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Rofin-Baasel's range of fibre lasers includes the StarFibre, PowerLine and X-Lase ranges.

The StarFibre series offers laser sources of either 100W or 200W nominal output power with fundamental mode beam quality, and can be used in either pulsed or continuous wave (CW) mode. This combination of high beam quality, choice of power and operational mode selection means that the StarFibre series lasers can be used for a variety of precision welding and cutting applications. 

The PowerLine F is a 20W diode-pumped q-switched fibre laser, which has been specifically configured for laser marking and micro-ablation applications. With the capability to mark most metals and plastics, this laser can be used for a diverse range of applications across a number of industries, including medical, electronics, aerospace and automotive. With the standard 160mm lens the Galvo Marking Unit has an operating area of 120 x 120mm, which can be extended up to 300 x 300mm, by use of alternative lens options.

The recent acquisition of Corelase by Rofin further enhances its portfolio of fibre laser products. The new X-Lase  is a picosecond fibre laser, which not only complements the existing range of Rofin lasers, but opens up new opportunities within micro-machining applications where exceptional quality and ultra high processing speeds are required.