Starlase 100G and Starlase 200G

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Powerlase has released a range of green lasers: the Starlase 100G and Starlase 200G. The new lasers have been designed for specific applications including solar cell processing and OLED flat-panel display manufacture.

Developed in collaboration with Powerlase customers, the 100G and 200G lasers build on company’s success in the flat panel display industry. The Rapid Laser Patterning technique developed to process thin film coatings on plasma television screens has been extended and developed for application in solar cell manufacturing.

Additionally, the new laser is well suited for poly-silicon annealing (also known as green laser annealing, or GLA) - a process used in the manufacture of OLED (organic light emitting diodes) displays. The lasers are also uniquely suited to the processing of hard materials, such as poly-crystalline diamond. With this latest release, the Powerlase Starlase range now addresses a multitude of applications on commonly used substrates including those used in the manufacture of solar cells.   

With high average powers of 100W and 200W respectively at a wavelength of 532nm, the new lasers boast the same nanosecond duration pulses as the rest of the Starlase range. Uniquely in the range, the 200G contains two independently controllable oscillators that can be triggered to tailor the profile of the output pulses. This is particularly useful in applications such as poly-silicon annealing where longer pulse durations are required for long crystal growth. The output beam of both the 100G and 200G can also be homogenised to provide top hat or thin-line profiles.