StarPack Web Direction System

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Rofin's high speed StarPack Web Direction System comprises of a 600W CO2 laser, with up to four individual WMC heads, designed for creating holes in fast-moving material, such as product packaging.

The Web Movement Compensation (WMC) technology dramatically cuts material waste and also allows high web speeds to be achieved. The technology also allows satisfactory perforation of materials that previously could not have been processed at profitable rates, such as thick films (>100µm) or films comprising of sophisticated material combinations.

The StarPack system can accommodate web widths of up to 1.8m with production speeds in excess of 350m per minute. The addition of in process vision inspection to the system further enhances quality control and enables measurement data to be recorded and analysed. The vision system captures images on-the-fly and checks hole diameter and percentage roundness. The system can be set to alarm if a pre-set number of holes are out of specification, thus ensuring that the perforated film which is delivered to the end user meets the exacting standards required to maintain product freshness and shelf life.