Performance manual laser welding system

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Rofin has launched Performance, the seventh generation of manual welding lasers, which includes several design enhancements over its predecessors.

Changes to the cabinet design allow easier use within a production environment and also enhance the ergonomics for the operator. A single access door can be opened, while one hand remains inside the cabinet holding the part to be welded. Rofin has also introduced a large colour touch-screen interface to allow more features to be made available to the operator.

A new SpeedMode feature enables the laser to deliver higher power and faster welding than previously possible, without compromising the overall efficiency. For short bursts, the laser can deliver pulses at nearly double the average power limit to enhance cycle time. While the system is idle, the new EcoMode reduces the electrical consumption to 10W (from the normal standby of 200W), dramatically reducing the electrical running cost of the system.