STRAIGHTliner series

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To supplement its range of high accuracy laser modules LASER COMPONENTS has developed the STRAIGHTliner series which allows you to quickly and easily measure straightness, evenness along an axis, and minute movements in an easy to use package.


The STRAIGHTliner ECO features a coloured LED reference display which can be used to align your system to within 1/10th of a millimetre.  Because the measurement is carried out continually the STRAIGHTliner ECO is not only used for making measurements but also in live alignment too.


The STRAIGHTliner PRO is designed for high-precision alignment applications where accuracy as high as 1/1000th of a millimetre is needed.  The PRO system is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth connection where the laser position can be monitored in real time.  The measurement and depiction of the laser spot on the target is continuous in the software allowing for live high-precision alignment up to 100m away from the target.

Both the ECO and PRO systems include a precision laser module where the laser spot deviates less than 1mm at 20m from the mechanical axis of the housing.