Strut-based mounting system

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A new line of mechanical positioning systems with high load capacity and stiffness has been introduced by McPherson. The strut-based mounting system minimises vibration, and allows easy and precise position adjustment of a wide variety of hardware. Furthermore, it can work inside high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems. The six struts provide very solid (seismically adequate) support, and when sub millimetre alignment is required, the six-strut system is a proven way of rigidly supporting instruments and fixtures with precise adjustability. Even the smallest designs support 200 lbs.

The strut mechanical positioner has up to six degrees of freedom – translational: X, Y, Z; and angular: pitch, roll, and yaw. It consists of a support system made up of adjustable struts, and provides support without adding stress or distortion. The struts have ball joint ends and an orthogonal arrangement to simplify position adjustments. The result is a strong, rigid system that allows easily positioning, even heavy equipment, in all six degrees of freedom.

The six struts actuate via a single edge-welded bellows to position items inside ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems, and the accessible and adjustable external struts position and steer in UHV. This configuration allows adjusting a mirror (for example) in an optical beam. It provides a clean and adjustable actuator for optical system pointing. With manual settings, motor drives and programming are optional, but not required for operation. All adjustments and mechanisms are outside of the vacuum chamber, which keeps the mechanisms away from heat during baking and allows for adjustments and maintenance without venting the system. This design works in any orientation.