STS Developers Kit

Ocean Optics has introduced a set of spectral sensing tools for developers who want to deploy spectroscopy in new applications. The STS Developers Kit brings together the company’s STS spectrometer, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, customisable software, and wireless capabilities in single package for integrating spectral sensing quickly and easily.

Uses include developing handheld devices for light metrology or colour measurement, creating cloud-connected measurement clusters, and even mounting on UAVs for remote monitoring.

The core of the kit is Ocean Optics’ STS microspectrometer, (42mm2 and 24mm high). Excellent linearity, high dynamic range, and wavelength accuracy ensure reproducible and repeatable results. In addition, high thermal stability performance and low baseline drift ensure that data stays accurate. Three STS models are offered as part of the kit: STS-UV (190-650 nm), STS-Vis (350-800 nm) and STS-NIR (650-1,100 nm). 

The WiFi range is up to 150m, and all data is securely stored to the onboard SD card. In addition, the web scripting API enables quick development of custom scripts and applications.