Sub-millimetre optics

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Bern Optics has made available custom optical elements with dimensions as small as 0.20mm. These are ideal for use in precision analytical and medical devices. They can be custom engineered, ground and polished to micron tolerances in a wide variety of configurations, including lenses, prisms, axicons, filters, windows, domes, and mirrors, as well as special components with combinations of plano, spherical and cylindrical surfaces.

Created from optical and filter glasses, these tiny elements, some as small as a grain of salt, can be produced to sub-millimetre dimensions, with or without specialised coatings, to meet the specific requirements of the application.

These precision custom optical parts are ideal for use in a variety of instruments where small size is key. As a full-service optics manufacturer, Bern Optics also provides secondary assembly of components like doublets and triplets, multi-element prisms, mounting optics in cells, and other custom assemblies.