Super Range

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StellarNet has developed the Super Range concave grating spectrometer for UV-Vis-NIR range from 200-1100nm. An aberration-corrected concave grating provides excellent imaging and high spectral efficiency, with dual blaze technology for UV and NIR wavelengths. 

The spectrograph contains no mirrors to minimise stray light while the flat field grating delivers a uniform focus on the detector for close to 1nm resolution. The instrument connects directly to a PC’s USB port and includes SpectraWiz software.

A 2048-element CCD detector is standard, with 3600-element PDA optional. The optical input is via fibre optic cable with SMA-905 termination. The instrument is designed to be vibration tolerant, and is suitable for portable or industrial process stream applications. Up to 8 units may be daisy-chained via USB-2 hubs allowing simple configurations for multi-beam process applications.

This spectrometer is available with a choice of 14, 25, 50, 100, 200μm slit, and is produced in two ranges: the C-SR (200-1080nm) and the CXR-SR (220-1100nm). It is a suitable OEM component for application-specific analytical instrumentation used in process control or QC monitoring.

SpectraWiz operating software is included. It acquires and displays the spectral data in real time for absorbance, transmittance (or reflectance), and emission (or irradiance). A Lab-View program is also included. Additional software is available for Process Control, Neural Networks, PLS, and Color QC.