SuperBand Optic

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StingRay Optics has introduced its SuperBand series of superspectral achromatised lenses designed for applications in detector technology. The new lens assemblies offer achromatic imaging from visible to far-infrared wavelengths, suitable for systems comprised of multiple sensors, stacked focal plane arrays (FPAs), or dual-detector arrays via a common aperture approach.

StingRay currently offers three SuperBand lens assemblies, including 25, 50, and 100mm focal lengths, designed for use with cooled detectors. Offering an f2.5 cold shield arrangement, the lenses are well-suited for use with the 640 x 512, 15┬Ám FPA formats. Other SuperBand lens configurations available include options for dual FOVs designs, varying f-number systems, large format FPAs, and alternate sensitivity ranges.