SuperChrome filter for supercontinuum sources

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Fianium has released its SuperChrome filter, a high power transmission filter accessory for use with the company's supercontinuum laser sources and fibre delivery systems. The SuperChrome filter is a single channel transmission filter, which allows the user to both select the wavelength and tune the bandwidth with a switching time of less than a second. The filter operates over the entire visible spectrum from below 400nm to greater than 750nm, realising the blue-enhanced region available from Fianium’s SC400 supercontinuum series.

The filter offers a typical transmission of greater than 80 per cent, with maximum performance achieved using filter bandwidths ranging from 8nm to more than 50nm - useful for applications such as fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy and super resolution microscopy.

When the filter is coupled to Fianium’s brightest supercontinuum source, the SC450-8-VE, more than 100mW of power, tunable across the visible range, is available in a 25nm bandwidth. The unit provides excellent levels of out of band suppression, typically 40dB, meaning that no additional filters are required for challenging fluorescence lifetime and imaging measurements. SuperChrome filter enhances the flexibility of the supercontinuum laser output offering a tuneable laser source at any user-defined wavelength which is suitable for many applications requiring maximum performance.

SuperChrome filter has no measurable impact on the laser beam quality, with the filtered free-space collimated output having an M-squared better than 1.2 at all wavelengths. The unit is plug-and-play, requires no user alignment, and features an easy-to-use graphical user interface for operation.