SuperK Compact source

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Koheras has launched its SuperK Compact supercontinuum source, together with the new SuperK accessory, SpectraK Split. 

The new SuperK Compact has all the attractive high optical performance attributes as its predecessor, providing 100mW of single-mode, white light in a spectrum of 500nm-2400nm.

However, the new source is now 35 per cent reduced in footprint, making it the most compact, turnkey supercontinuum source available. Additionally, the new SuperK Compact has a computer-controllable shutter function, allowing flexible measurement of devices without powering down of the source.

The SpectraK Split is a companion accessory to the SuperK Compact. The device allows the white light to be split into a visible port and a nIR port as two single-mode fibre outputs terminated by a standard connector. This extends the flexibility of the SuperK Compact in applications where only a visible and/or nIR source is required. Furthermore, the SpectraK Split can be configured to allow the introduction of fixed filters of the user’s choice, giving the user the possibility of isolating specific wavelengths in the SuperK Compact’s broad spectrum.