SVC HR-1024

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The SVC HR-1024 from Lot-Oriel is small, light, and self-contained. It can easily be operated by one person even in challenging field conditions. It provides high spectral resolution, and uses a 100 per cent linear array to ensure wavelength stability. The InGaAs and extended InGaAs detectors are cooled and provide fewer than two per cent of dropouts.

It provides fast, full spectral measurements with no moving gratings, and fixed foreoptics provide a rugged and reliable optical path even at low temperatures. Swappable fibre optic light guides are available at various lengths.

An internal CPU enables measurements to be made without an external computer, with an internal memory storage to hold a whole day’s worth of data. It connects to a lightweight PDA for real time display that contains an internal GPS system and Bluetooth wireless technology. An onboard 0.5kg battery ensures optimum mobility.