ML FTIR analyser with DialPath technology

A2 Technologies has introduced its new integrated FTIR analyser designed for the rapid analysis of liquids by FTIR spectroscopy. Based on A2's widely used ML compact analyser, the company states that its ML with DialPath technology represents a completely new approach to the analysis of liquid samples.

The DialPath technology features a tumbler-like optical head that can be rotated into position to provide one of three selectable factory-set sample path lengths between 30 and 250µm. To analyse a sample, a drop of the liquid is placed on a stationary infrared-transparent window mounted on the top surface of the analyser, and then a second window is rotated into position, thus sandwiching the sample between the two windows. This creates highly reproducible, fixed sample path length between the two windows. The DialPath technology offers the user their choice of three different path lengths, which are specified when the system is ordered, affording a FTIR liquids analyser with exceptional versatility, ease of use and performance in multi-application environments. For lower concentration samples, simply dial in a longer path length window set; for samples that are more concentrated, use the shorter path length combination.

The DialPath Technology makes liquids analysis as easy to use as ATR. There is no reason to use traditional demountable liquid cells, which can leak, require spacers, may fringe, are difficult to fill and clean, and are particularly difficult to use with more viscous samples. The DialPath-equipped ML readily accommodates samples with a wide range of viscosities. Cleaning the DialPath analyser is as simple as rotating the window away from the fixed window and wiping the liquid sample off both windows.