SYS 65 optical rail system

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OWIS has released the SYS 65 optical rail system, which will be distributed by Pro-Lite Technology.

The SYS 65 system comprises of a modular series of optical rails, slides and mounting accessories that allows the researcher to create and modify experimental beam handling setups quickly and easily.

The SYS 65 rails provide an optical beam height of 65mm above the mounting surface and are available with a choice of slotted holes or counter bores for mounting, or as four-sided profile rails that are great for building multi-axis (3D) assemblies. The fixing holes of the system rails with counter bores make them an ideal choice for mounting on equipment featuring standard thread grids consisting of M6 female threads spaced at 25 or 50mm. The rails with slotted holes are compatible with a wide variety of optical tables and other equipment (e.g. tables with non-metric thread grids), which allows the rails to be mounted in numerous directions.

The OWIS rail system is elegant and simple. Slides are mounted on a rail and optical components are directly mounted on the slides. The dovetail profile of the rails enables flexible positioning of the slides along the beam axis, while at the same time ensuring high stability and repeatability.

A very wide range of manual and motorised positioning equipment is available for use with the SYS 65 rails, including goniometers as well as stages for angular adjustment, elevation, linear translation, rotation and XY positioning. If a standard positioning stage is not available to complete a desired configuration, a customised part can be supplied. All components of the OWIS system are placed on the same defined beam height, which avoids the need for multiple adaptor plates. Overall, the stability and flexibility of the OWIS SYS 65 rail system results in faster and better results in both R&D and industrial applications.