Dilas has announced its state-of-the art tailored bar architecture T-Bar for high-brightness fibre coupling, capable of delivering up to 800W output from a 200µm (NA 0.22) fibre at 976nm.

The T-Bar is designed to realise high-brightness output while maximising fibre coupling efficiency for an overall high efficiency product. The T-Bar was developed so that automated active optics alignment can be utilised for efficient fibre coupling into a 200µm fibre. The device is a monolithic multi-emitter diode source that permits the handling multiple emitters during each manufacturing step to lower both complexity and enhance reproducibility of the beam quality and fibre coupling.

The 800W module is based on spatial and polarisation multiplexing of individual beamlets and is equipped with a high-power QBH fibre connector. This device is rated at 600W, 976nm for usage in commercial applications such as direct diode as well as for fibre and solid-state laser pumping.