T860 1GHz Discriminator/Driver

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Highland Technology has released the T860, a multipurpose combination of a precision analogue comparator and a versatile output driver, capable of operating from DC up to 1GHz.

It will accept nearly any single-ended or differential, logic or sinewave input, and drive any standard logic-level output – TTL, CMOS, ECL, PECL, or CML. It has output levels in the range of -4 to +5 volts, with up to 5 volts peak to peak swing. Typical output rise and fall times are below 200 picoseconds.

The T860 is usable as a precision discriminator or logic-level converter, and converts any standard RF signal generator into a versatile clock generator or step-recovery diode driver. It may be used as a very fast cable or FET gate driver, outputting up to 100mA. The T860 can also drive diode lasers, E/O modulators, and serve as a versatile ATE pin driver.