tailored mini-bar laser diodes

Dilas has developed a state-of-the art tailored mini-bar diode laser architecture for high brightness fibre-coupling, capable of delivering 135W output from a 200µm (NA 0.22) fibre at 976nm.

The company claims that its tailored mini-bar architecture is an innovative breakthrough specifically designed to realise high brightness output while maximising fibre-coupling efficiency for an overall high efficiency product. The tailored mini-bar was developed so that the optical parameter of the emission fit into the 200µm Fibre with the most simple and inexpensive optics. This device is a monothic, multiple-single emitter source, which takes advantage of handling multiple emitters during each individual manufacturing step to lower complexity and overall costs.

With scalable concepts further modules will soon be available, such as 976nm, 200W, 200µm and 976nm, 500W, 200µm. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules are ideal for direct diode applications as well as for fibre and solid-state laser pumping.