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Coherent has launched the Talisker, which is fibre-based laser to offer high power, picosecond output in a rugged industrial package.   

With more than 18W of average power at a pulse repetition rate of 200kHz (pulsewidth <15ps), this fiber-based laser will enable precision micromachining at high throughput rates with a negligible HAZ (heat-affected zone).   

And, with a choice of infrared (1064nm), visible (532nm) or ultraviolet (355nm) output, Talisker can be used on virtually any material type, including metals, polymers, glass and semiconductors. Talisker is also configured to facilitate integration and for ease of use. For instance, its internal web server simplifies remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance.  Plus, the compact laser head measures only 17 x 39 x 77cm.


Talisker is a mode-locked laser with a unique architecture that combines the desirable characteristics of both fibre-based and free space lasers, while avoiding the inherent limitations of each. Specifically, Talisker uses a fibre-based oscillator that ensures industrial-grade stability, together with a bulk amplifier that boosts peak powers to higher than 10 megawatts. In contrast, traditional fiber lasers are limited to peak powers that are orders of magnitude lower than this to avoid self-damage.   

Talisker is intended for micromachining applications in the microelectronics, biomedical, semiconductor and solar device industries. Specific applications include drilling high quality holes in silicon and metals, direct write of flexible circuits/displays, scribing of flat panel displays/solar cells, micro milling, wafer dicing and metal surface treatments.