Microchip laser devices

RPMC Lasers has introduced a new family of mil-spec passively Q-switched microchip laser devices emitting sub-nanosecond to 5ns, high-peak-power pulses from industry standard opto-electronic packages. All devices offer superior mode quality, a polarisation ratio of >100:1, and tunable pulse frequency.

Standard devices in teh product line offer a peak power up to 20kW at 1,064nm. In addition to the standard 1,064nm versions, the company offer a line of devices at 473, 532, 946, 1,029, and 1,920nm. Applications for the microchip laser include seed pulses for amplifier laser systems, marking, scribing, fluorescence measurement, lidar, ranging, biomedical, photonic instruments, libs, etc..

The company offers three different packages for the lasers: FP-2, TO3 can, and the ILM (integrated laser module). The ILM has the driver and micro-chip laser head packaged all in one box.